Our high quality[AFFORDABLE] PROFESSIONAL[use] collections are trusted and loved by many salon professionals internationally and host a series of collections that stylists use as various application materials suitable to their clients desired experiences.




Our high quality[AFFORDABLE] PROFESSIONAL[retail] collections have been developed to provide salons with maintenance products[COLLECTIONS] they can retail to their clients to ensure their applications are properly maintained and also increase income.


i[kuhl-er] International

Founded in 2014, we are manufacturers dedicated to forward thinking and innovative HAIR[beauty] development & technological formulations. As product developers and ISO manufacturers we provide concepts and solutions as quality products and collections to many markets.

As we set forth in implementing forward thinking within the industry, we leave end-users with more choice to express and explore their individuality through expression and choice. We are also proud to be a South African SME based in Cape Town and know what it mean to build a colourful brand, we give back through our community programs under our working[2]WORK NPO division, creating opportunity through educational experience building, sculpting the skilled individuals within many division in the HAIR[beauty] industry