D[i]Y | techno[PURPLE] 05VR


PROFESSIONAL[retail] SEMI[permanent] hair colour kit – techno[PURPLE] 05VR – SHRINK[3]pieces



The i[kuhl-er] D[i]Y PROFESSIONAL[retail] SEMI[permanent] Hair Colour collection formula combined with tools and guided instructions for HOME[use] that allows the end[USER] continuous artistic freedom in between regular salon sessions. This collection promotes SEMI[permanent] Colours as retail products in a professional environment, giving the stylist the opportunity to push revenue by retailing the products to their clients, for maintenance and/or as gifts. These kits are formulated into a cream with FORWARD[thinking] attributes and premium quality standards, including NON[allergenic] Black Nitrile Gloves that gives everyone the opportunity to safely use the product by themselves. Your creativity is your muse as you can layer various colour[CODES] to create your own personal shade of your[COLOUR]vibe. This D[i]Y SEMI[permanent] COLOUR[collection] was designed to inspire colour enthusiasts to use premium product material to ensure your colour is ALWAYS[vibrant], even if your budget does not allow for a professional hair session, you will at least be able to source it from a local salon[STUDIO] in your area . BE[different], BE[courageous], BE[colourful]!

Additional information

Weight 95.1 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm