techno[PURPLE] 05VR


95.10g Professional Formula [SEMI]permanent hair colour powder/cream (150ml) – techno[PURPLE] 05VR



The i[kuhl-er] professional POW[d]ER SEMI[permanent] colour collection is a premium formula that allows the end[USER] artistic freedom. These POW[d]ERs can be mixed with e.g. shampoo to make a paste that you apply to freshly bleached hair to deposit a transparent layer of futuristic colour. Your creativity is your muse as you can combine various colour mixtures to create your own personal shade of your [COLOUR]vibe. This SEMI[permanent] POW[d]ER COLOUR[collection was designed to inspire colour enthusiasts to explore the endless application variations using premium product material. BE[different], BE[courageous], BE[colourful]!

Additional information

Weight 95.1 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm